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Old Colony Elder Services offers a comprehensive array of specialized programs which have been developed to address the unique situations and circumstances elders face.

If you or an elder you know needs assistance, please call Old Colony Elder Services and one of our experienced staff will help you.

Here are some of the services and programs that we offer:

Intake and Referral (I & R)

OCES’ Intake and Referral Unit ensures that anyone seeking information regarding services, programs or benefits for elders receive the information they require in a timely, professional, and helpful manner. The I & R Unit screens perspective clients; helps callers understand what services are available; and informs them how best to access these services.

Case Management

Case Management is the link between seniors and the services OCES offers. Case Managers perform comprehensive in-home assessments to determine an elder’s needs and develop service plans to meet those needs. Services that may be provided include homemaker, personal care, home health, chore, transportation, social day care, adult day health, respite and emergency shelter. Case Managers regularly monitor and adjust services to ensure that each senior’s needs continue to be met in an appropriate and effective manner. Case Managers also provide professional advice and assistance in obtaining services/benefits from other resources.

Clinical Assessment and Eligibility

Registered Nurses are an integral part of the interdisciplinary approach to OCES’ service provision. OCES RN’s assess the health needs of seniors and facilitate access to needed resources. In addition, OCES nurses determine the clinical eligibility of seniors for Nursing Facility Placement, Adult Day Health, Personal Emergency Response and Home Health Services. The focus of these efforts is to assure appropriate service; and, when possible, facilitate the discharge of seniors from nursing facilities back to the community.

Information & Referral, Case Management and Clinical Assessment & Eligibility are topics of the “About Us” brochure.

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Adult Family Care

The Adult Family Care program is a sensitive and economical alternative for persons who are faced with the prospect of no longer being able to manage alone. The Adult Family Care professional team, consisting of a registered nurse and a licensed social worker, carefully matches participants and caregiver families. The participant enters a caregiver’s home and becomes part of the family’s living situation. Adult Family Care staff conducts ongoing home visits to lend support and monitor the placement; assist with any problems that arise; and, provide 24-hour emergency response.

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Congregate Housing

Congregate Housing is a non-institutional, residential shared living environment that provides shelter and necessary services for elderly tenants. Congregate Housing is suited for persons who are no longer able to live alone due to physical or cognitive impairment. In a Congregate Housing living situation, residents actively support and assist each other. Eligible applicants are seniors over 60 years of age or disabled individuals who meet applicable criteria and are receptive to a Congregate Housing arrangement. Old Colony Elder Services coordinates services for sites in Bridgewater, Marshfield and Stoughton.

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Family Caregiver Support Program

The Family Caregiver Support Program is designed to assist and support those who are providing elders the care they need to remain safe and in the community. This program seeks to empower caregivers by accessing useful information and training; giving one-to-one assistance; and, when necessary, providing temporary relief from the stress of their caregiving responsibilities. With the assistance offered by the Family Caregiver Support Program, caregivers are helped to continue and improve the at-home care they provide. It also helps them gain and retain greater control over their personal lives. In the final analysis, this program increases the possibility that seniors will be able to remain in their family environment.

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Money Management Program

The Massachusetts Money Management Program (MMMP) is designed to help vulnerable, low-income elders. The program seeks to protect elders who may be at risk of losing their independence due to their inability to pay basic rent, food and utility bills. Volunteers visit elders in their homes at least monthly and assist seniors by establishing budgets; organizing mail; writing checks; and, balancing checkbooks.


OCES’ Nutrition Program is designed to enhance the quality of life for elders by providing nutritionally sound and satisfying meals. Meals are provided Monday through Friday at congregate meal sites and are delivered to homebound elders through Meals on Wheels. Elders who come to the congregate sites receive a well-balanced meal and have the opportunity to participate in the diverse programs offered. For the homebound, the meals provide an important nutritional supplement. In addition, daily delivery assures regular contact from the outside; lends reassurance; and, serves as a means to immediately communicate any changes in an elder’s condition.

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Personal Care Attendant Program

The Personal Care Attendant Program (PCA) funded by MassHealth enables a person with disabilities to hire and receive the services of a Personal Care Attendant (PCA). The PCA assists the client with bathing, dressing, mobility, toileting, meal preparation, laundry, shopping and housekeeping. OCES’ PCA Team includes a Skills Trainer, a Registered Nurse and an Occupational Therapist. The Team works with the client to develop and implement a service plan to help maximize each client’s functional capabilities and quality of life.

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Protective Services

OCES’ Protective Services Program is designed to prevent, eliminate or remedy situations involving elderly abuse, neglect by a caretaker, financial exploitation and/or self-neglect. In cases involving caretaker(s), Protective Service (PS) Workers conduct assessments to determine if abuse, neglect or financial exploitation is occurring. Workers remain involved with the elder and the family; seek to identify causative issues; and, work to resolve these situations as completely and expeditiously as possible. PS Workers also intervene in self-neglecting situations (i.e., elders who jeopardize their own health, safety and physical well-being and place themselves at immediate and serious physical harm). Work by the PS staff often involves overcoming an elder’s unwillingness to recognize how serious the situation may be and their resistance to accept needed help. Throughout, OCES’ goal is to help keep elders well and safe in their own homes. PS Workers advocate for elderly clients. They use all the services and resources available to OCES to help resolve these difficult matters (e.g., state home care services, mental health and medical evaluations, legal assistance, housing assistance, Councils on Aging and other community agencies).

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Summary of Programs & Services

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